What is Plant Insights?

Plant Insights is a crop health monitoring service that uses high-resolution cameras mounted on center pivot spans and advanced agronomist-led AI


Plant Insights is a service that transforms center-pivot irrigation machines into crop health monitoring machines. High-resolution cameras mounted on pivot irrigation spans take thousands of leaf-level pictures of the field every time the pivot moves.

The pictures are analyzed using agronomist-led AI to find hard-to-detect crop health status and issues, including pests, diseases, nutrient deficiencies, emergence, canopy cover, and more. The Insights app provides detailed weekly reports that include GPS-tagged images, an analysis of the findings, and a comparison with previous results so you can track issues over time. You can choose to receive a notification the first time we detect an issue so you can act quickly. 

Want to see sample reports and which crop types are supported? Download the free Plant Insights Grower's Guide eBook.